Monday, July 25, 2011

SpeakText FREE - Multiple Means of Representation

When students have a difficult time in accessing reading materials or websites due to a challenge in decoding words  or in translating content, using an app that provide text-to-speech and/or translation can remove those barriers.  Using an app like SpeakText FREE offers the tools to speak or translate text or web pages.  Keep in mind that the FREE version has limitations but check out the full versions that could empower students to become more independent in accessing ebooks, online PDF's and websites.  There is also a online support in a SpeakText Quick Start Guide to fully understand how to use this app.

Why UDL?
  • Text-to-speech is an effective way to provide options for decoding.
  • English Language Learners who speak different languages can access the content

UDL Principle I:  Offer Multiple Means of Representation


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