Tuesday, August 2, 2011

AudioNote Lite - Notepad and Voice Recorder

AudioNote Lite - Notepad and Voice Recorder  

By Luminant Software, Inc.

AudioNote Lite is an app that can support a broad range of students who need to record audio of what is spoken in the classroom but who also need to create visuals to understand and interpret what is being said.  So this app has the ability to take notes, record audio, draw and highlight important information in the notes.  AudioNote Lite automatically indexes class meetings by synchronizing notes and audio.  AudioNote Lite is limited to 10 minutes of audio per note, and 2 hours total. Upgrading to the full version of AudioNote allows unlimited recording and sharing of notes over Wi-FI and email.

Here are some features that are outlined on the iTunes AudioNote Lite site.
- Synchronized note and audio recording
- Fully functional text note application, with copy, paste, etc.
- Pen mode for Drawing or Handwritten notes
- Seek directly to audio by tapping text or drawings. Tap and hold to seek 10 seconds prior.
- Highlighted notes during playback



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